Embroidery Blend Batting

Colour Me Cotton Embroidery Batting

  •  Embroidery batting is a needle punched cotton/poly blend combined with a proprietary stabilizing liner. This insures against shrinkage, puckering and stretching in all directions, even up and down! No worries whether your embroidery is heavy or light. No more using additional stabilizer in embroidery or quilt blocks.
  •  This product is ideal for use in machine or hand embroidery, in the hoop quilting, outerwear, purses, bags, home dec, baby items and more.
  • Completely washable, no pre wash necessary.

Available in 30”, 47”, and 60” widths in 5, 10, 20 yard put ups as well as larger bulk rolls and pre cuts.

     EBR305/6:  30"x5yd 6pcs  EBR475/12:  47"x5yd 12pcs
        EBR305/16:  30"x5yd 16pcs  EBR4710/2:  47"x10yd 2pcs
        EBR305/24:  30"x5yd 24pcs  EBR4710/6:  47"x10yd 6pcs
        EBR3010/4:  30"x10yd 4pcs  EBR4710/8:  47"x10yd 8pcs
        EBR3010/9:  30"x10yd 9pcs EBR4720/4:  47"x20yd 4pcs
            EBR3010/12:  30"x10yd 12pcs EBR6020/1:  60"x20yd 1pcs
        EBR3020/1:  30"x20yd 1pcs EBR6040/1:  60'x40yd 1pcs
        EBR3020/4:  30"x20yd 4pcs    EBR6036/14:  60"x36yd 14pcs
       EBR3020/6:  30"x20yd 6pcs    EBR6036/40:  60"x36yd 40pcs
    EBR475/4:  47"x5yd 4pcs    EBR60108/4:  60"x108yd 4pcs
    EBR475/8:  47"x5yd 8pcs       EBR60108/14:  60"x108yd 14pcs