Bond Tight Laminated Batting on Rolls

Bond Tight Double Laminated Quilt Batting on Rolls. Double laminated (lined) Bond Tight quilt batting is thermal bonded polyester quilt batting with a non woven cover affixed to both sides of the batting. The cover eliminates any stretch. This batting is very uniform, lies perfectly flat, and under normal use will not tear (example: when stretched on a long arm machine). This product is completely washable and is suitable for quilting by hand or machine. It also makes an excellent liner for wearable art projects (quilted vests and jackets). Regarding quilting distances, because the non woven cover adds sew much more strength and distances can be greatly increased up to the point of just tacking down the batting in various spots.

BTR100L/25: 100"x25yd BTR100L/50: 100"x50yd
BTR100M/25: 100'x25yd BTR100M/50: 100"x50yd
BTR/30scrim: 100"x16yd