Thermal Bonded Polyester Batting Quilt Size Pre Cuts

Thermal Bonded Batting Pre-Cuts. Thermal bonded batting is manufactured using a heat process to bond fibers together without the use of acrylic resin. These products are non allergenic and will not support the growth of mold or mildew. They can be laundered or dry cleaned with no shrinkage. The batting meets CA 117and is suitable for all home, hospital, and hospitality uses.

Available in Low and Medium Loft pre cut sizes. 50"x60" 72"x100" 84"x100" 100"x108" 100"x120" 120"x120"

T5060/24: 50"x60" 24pcs T100110/12: 100"x100" 12pcs
  T72100/20: 72"x100" 20pcs T100120/12: 100"x120" 12pcs
   T84100/16: 84"x100" 16pcs T120120/12: 120"x120" 12pcs
H5060/30: 50"x60" 30pcs H100110/16: 100"x110" 16pcs
   H72100/25: 72"x100" 25pcs H100120/15: 100"x120" 15pcs
   H84100/20: 84"x100" 20pcs H120120/12: 120"x120" 12pcs